Wednesday, May 16, 2007

College life... Some things about them...

Some things I will miss about college...

-frowning at those who came late to class

-playing NFS UG2 at the middle of the night full volume

-listening to songs full bass on Krishna's 2.1 speakers at 2 am

-reading the paper at 6.30 am and dozing off to catch a few more winks

-those nighouts in octa

-the gaming frenzy that once affected Pearlites

-Emerald-Pearl AOE matches

-those laughter sessions in coordi's room

-movies in eee audi

-the warm weather of Trichy

-cursing the printer guy while waiting for a printout

-the long queues in first and second years in the mess

-the good ol' days of volleyball

-banging on Manju's door for a solid 5 min trying to wake him up

-standing in a queue at the ATM

1 comment:

a fan said... days...guess i was waiting to get out of the college when i was there and now wondering what a mistake i did...perfect example of mourning for the lost love or an unproposed love ;)

i remember EEE audi of the best things..but the screening wasn't quite often in our times.

we never had ATM...always a queue in the bank..anyway, all the money will be gone in first 15 never spent much time in bank :)

nice to see that the printout problem still exists :) printer guy used to be one of the heroes in octa...others being the ones who reset password and resolve the server errors which we get...i forgot their person used to be there...short,lean..always promises to fix the issue..but has to go to the first floor atleast twice..