Wednesday, January 23, 2008

AAA Part 3

This is a continuation of the AAA series

  • Most food items contain some form of 'meat' content - e.g. animal fat. Since Americans have meat as a main dish and rice/others as side dishes unlike us, it doesn't matter to them. So this means if you are a pure vegetarian eating a packaged product isn't easy. Most items will have meat; if not then they will have it in other forms such as '..... and/or processed animal fat....'. You'd want to check the labels for the complete list if you really want to avoid all forms of meat. Also, everytime you order any food, it's always better make sure with the person behind the counter what you're going to have doesn't have anything you don't want to eat. However if, like me, you don't like cheese and cream and mayo, that pretty much rules out everything from the fast food chains.
  • American food is very bland. I once tried to make ready-to-eat soup, but it was just too awful. People here like sweet things a lot, and someone told me the Coke here is sweeter than what we have in India. Even if you order spicy-hot food, chances are it will just be mildly hot to our tongues.
  • Folklore has it that a desi (what we call our brethren outside our country. e.g. 'There's a desi!') told his parents, who were not-so-urban, and were concerned with his drinking habits, that when you open a tap in America, only Soda and Beer flow. His parents, who did not have reason to believe otherwise, kept cajoling him to go it slow on alcohol... This is true to some extent, because you will find soda-vending machines almost everywhere, either in bottles or cans or the soda itself. And beer is also very popular, associated with American football, although you need a state id to buy some - because rules are enforced strictly and underage drinking is prohibited(either 18 or 21, varying from state to state)
  • Americans like their drinks ice-cold. Everything, coke, pepsi, milk, tea, coffee, water, they will drink ice-cold. This means it is available ice-cold. Ice cubes are available in the vending machines itself, if they dispense the soda directly, and one lady filled her cup with ice cubes, and put a little bit soda. In the middle of winter. Water, is dispensed from water fountains, is free, and will spurt out when you keep a button depressed, and you have to catch it in midair. I took a while to drink all the water that spurted out, but water fountains usually result in wastage of a lot of water. And that too is ice-cold. This means you really can't get room-temperature water to drink from a decent source.
  • However, since all water supplied is potable, you can drink from a tap too. So, say you are in the shower and are thirsty, just open your mouth and quench your thirst.

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