Monday, January 14, 2008

Static pisses me off!!

I get so infuriated with damn static. It's winter and sometimes things like sweaters are essential. And being such good insulators they generate SO much static, looks like you can start your own electric company or power your own house. DAMN! Everytime I am 1 cm away from touching metal equipment two things happen, a tiny crackle is heard, and the next thing you know is your hand is hundreds of feet away from that piece and you are in a daze wondering what just happened. It's not just once or twice or thrice. It's zillions of times. I even experienced discharges with cotton t-shirts(I can't work in the lab naked, can I? Hmmm... No cameras, nobody's around anyway... Could give it a try... But what if Prof comes in? I don't think 10 seconds is so sufficient.. Hmmm....) So I tried touching a metal spanner before touching the actual equipment. Guess what happened. I got zapped by the spanner too.

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