Monday, April 14, 2008

The case of the sticky feeling

My eyes caught a customer getting a couple of small honey servings(given in sealed packages of 14g each) for her meal at McDonalds. I too wanted to taste honey, after a long time. I asked and got 3 packs. The come in plastic cups sealed in plastic, in packaging similar to the ones used for jelly, only tougher. I used one pack for my meal, and put the other two into the pocket of my snow jacket.

Now why I did that, instead of carrying it along in a separate paper bag, I don't know. It so happened that in my room as I was undressing I lost my footing and fell onto the jacket. I didn't realise anything because those packs seemed to be sealed well.

Fast forward to a few days later. Warmer weather meant I didn't wear that winter jacket, instead opting for a lighter jacket. I was in outside my lab, on a cold day wearing that jacket searching for my keys. I put my hand inside one of the pockets, there is a sticky feeling. Damn! Some of the honey had leaked and there was a sticky feeling inside that pocket. I kicked myself for keeping the honey there and took the packs out.

Fast forward a couple of days. Over the weekend I was mainly at home; didn't wear too much to wander around. I decided to head to the university for some work to be done, I put on the shirt, jeans, put my mob in one pocket of the jeans and the wallet in the other... wait a minute.. what's that sticky feeling?

Turns out I'd transferred the honey packs from my jacket pocket to my jeans pocket.

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