Saturday, May 17, 2008


Continuation of the All About America series, which is just a collection of facts which you might not have known. This is Part 6.

It is not good manners, in fact some might consider offensive if you sit occupy an empty seat at a stranger's table at an eatery/other public place. Usually there is always space, you will find a place to sit.

Tip graciously to the waiter. That means about 13-15%. This includes pizza delivery guys too. Interestingly, tipping barbers is also a must(i.e. if the barber charges $7 for a haircut, it is good manners to give him $7 + $1 or $2 as a tip. I really don't understand why, even when the barber is the sole owner of the shop, but you have to do it. By the way, haircuts are not always $7, my friends have to take an appointment and pay $15 at the place they go to).

Most of the fast food chains have their kitchens open to the public - as in they are not barricaded or hidden away from the public. This might be intentional to keep the workers from adding unwanted ingredients and maintaining 'open' standards in cleanliness.

Education in America, vs India: Another Nittian wrote a post on that, including many details, but I will say that most have the freedom to choose whatever they want, so the chance that they will excel in that field is high.

This might be catching up elsewhere too, but from what I have seen, almost every other smoker is female. And most consider it their 'right', citing the First Amendment where they have the freedom to almost everything. Hence banning it on campus is more tricky than an official order.

The biggest consumer of salt in the world is... USA. They use it to clear the snow/ice during winter(depression in freezing point), so you will find huge salt tents along main highways then.

Greeting anyone you are going to talk to, be it a salesman or a desk attendant with a Hello and thanking him is customary. Else its too rude.

The f word, fcuk, is just another common word. No special oops for it.

As a matter of fact, on television, 'bctih' is not censored, but 'shit', is. I don't understand why.

For all the informal clothing worn in classrooms and campuses, corporate wear is a level on its own. It is very, very formal.

Claiming, as a joke, in your blog or scrap or comment that you will cause harm to someone(e.g. if you don't delete that picture, I will kill you!) WILL land you in deep trouble(read: Police, jail, psychiatrist, etc.) if anyone decides to tip the authorities off. On the other hand, slander could result in a lawsuit..... You just have to be careful of what you say. What's more, I have read of a case where a Judge ordered a restaurant to pay damages to a customer for serving coffee "too hot".

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Karthikeyan.M.S said...

you have given the reasons yourself .. [:)] .. if you know what i mean ..

«charlie|thotti» said...

Something like I propose I dispose.. Maybe.

Karthikeyan.M.S said...

sounds like hypocrisy to me .. :P

Karthik Manamcheri said...

charlie, i found you :)

anyways, just so that you know .. i have been in USA for nearly a year now .. i have been to many places .. i travelled to the big cities, i traveled to the small farming villages which are not even shown in google maps .. i hiked in the wilderness and i stayed in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the country ..

one thing .. i love EVERY part of it .. the country is amazing and so it is its culture .. india will miss me forever .. :)