Saturday, May 31, 2008

Rupee to Dollar conversion = Comedy

We were out shopping and D wanted to buy a new strap for his Timex watch, which he had bought in India. The strap he selected and got fixed to his watch cost $7. This was enough for S to see the lighter side - "7 dollar watch ke liye 7 dollar ka strap," he said, getting us into peals of laughter. D said, "Come on, its not 7 dollars, it cost me around Rs.600." S promptly replied: "So what.. It would have depreciated anyway... Still, strap = half the price of watch!"

Such conversion tactics never work. The value of goods is skewed if converted for every small thing, so the best is to compare value with goods from the same country. Then it works out perfectly.


Arvind said...
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Arvind said...

well i agree on that with you for the small things but the big things?? i don't think so... btw u in the US now or what?