Monday, June 9, 2008

'Most beautiful women'

The Japanese have wonderful ideas; this is one of their crazier. Their logic is approach a random woman; tell her to introduce her most beautiful friend to them, and so on, till you reach no. 12, who will be one in so many women. The formula used by them, I haven't understood apart from deciphering that it is 1/(2^((n*2)-1)), for the nth woman they approached.

Here it is for Colombian, Italian and French women. The technique is effective to an extent.

I am ready to go on record, and say that, if ever there was such a list composed for an Indian city, I will faint halfway through the list.

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P.S said...

Iam yet to see the movie, yet the reviews made must be discerning to Kamal's fan,., Isnt ?