Wednesday, February 4, 2009

All About America(AAA) Part 7 : A down economy

This post is about the changes observed first hand during tougher economic times.

  • McDonalds(East Exchange St) gets Mercs and Bentleys to its drivethrough. It was a while since I went there, so I had to skip lunch for later when to my shock it was crowded. It has redesigned its packaging for a higher-income category, with non-descript packages getting deep colours and slogans which appeal to them.
  • Walmart(Arlington) suddenly stocked itself with more goods, which obviously is for those looking to save a few pennies. More shirts, higher priced jackets, licenced wear.
  • A family of 4 walks up to the aisle at Walmart, father picks up a bottle of a product, confirms with wife that price is cheaper here, walks away with bottle in hand. Never seen such price comparers before.
  • Both McD and Walmart see a greater influx of persons usually seen in Starbucks: wearing clothes which will take a while to put on, full length coats.
  • Aldi's needs to have all three counters open, instead of the usual one, apart from the out of place new SUVs and Chevys and Hondas alongside the old Dodge Hatchbacks and Buicks and Lincolns.
  • The humongous increase in persons using the County Library. More people who have trouble using public computers/persons asking Assistants for help in searching = new patrons. Again, long coats and fancy office wear-clad people wandering up and down the aisles searching for DVDs and CDs.
  • Cash for Gold flyer on my door knob.
  • University admissions up 6.5%.
  • Electronics now available with awesome deals. Sad I bought them when their price was not so awesome.
  • More infomercials on TV. Already unwatchable TV is now unbearable.
  • Unlucky pubs putting up special offers to lure in customers
  • Random people wanting to sell their CDs to you
  • Churches advertising on buses and TV for people to visit them
Elsewhere, nationwide:
  • Part-time Receptionist job gets 3520 resumes in under 24 hours
  • Wall Street executives eating at McDonalds
  • More advertisements for self-investment sites like scotttrade and tdameritrade
  • McDonalds and Walmart among only a handful actually making a profit and seeing a rise in share value
  • Post Office(USPS) proposes to drop delivering mail on Saturdays to cut losses
  • Dozens of magazines shutting down
  • Unfortunately, the cause of all the above, layoffs. Thousands upon thousands.
  • The President is the Messiah who will deliver and the Opposition is a 'it's ok a stimulus shall have our ideas' style group.
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Sandy said...

Nice observation da.. But even in such recession times, no one wants free pretzel coupons :D