Monday, February 2, 2009

Nagesh: a handful of memories

The performances our generation saw may not have been his best, yet, Nagesh has stamped his place in our hearts with those movies he acted in.

A couple of decades ago this not-so-beautiful hyperactive outspoken actor would bring the house down with his antics. Amongst the few I have seen entirely, Anbe Vaa is one for comedy(along with another stalwart, Manorama). However it was Ethir Neechal which cemented Nagesh's versatility for me. A poor, unassuming guy pure at heart and intention, we remember Madhu because of how the role was delivered.

In the recent years, Minnale saw the everyday elder: financially and emotionally supportive, ready to stand up for his dear 'grandson' even when all the odds are against him with a down to earth appeal to the heroine.

Panchathantiram, a fine comedy movie, he plays the intrusive father-in-law always poking his nose and making the water even cloudier. Then the ever loving father first proud and then disappointed in his son in Vasool Raja MBBS.

He was almost never the central character in his movies - we often overlook such performances because they are natural and flawless.

His comedy movies should be a lesson for all of today's comedians - humour is possible without blood and gore, without sexual innuendo and without being a big bore. In these few days when we are in deep sadness, it is ironical that watching his movies moves us to tears. Tears of joy and laughter.

Nagesh will be dearly missed.

'Tip to Sama for telling me to write out my thoughts.


Bee'morgan said...

Good one.. I never thought, you would have watched movies like 'Ethir Neechal'.. :)

Your point agreed.
One more movie to add.. You can never forget the Dharumi of Thiruvillaiyadal.

I think, he is THE actor who believed that body language plays an important role in comedy. And he proved it.
His performance as a dead body in Magalir Mattum is an epitome.

Sandy said...

how about his role in 'Nammavar' - especially after his daughter dies ??
Thats Nagesh at his best.. And the list is endless..