Thursday, September 23, 2010

The internet is a magical land where stuff happens

Every time I meet friends and we talk of the internet, a joke from a decade-and-a-half old Reader's Digest comes to mind.

A military man is transferred to a distant place, and his wife talks for hours on end, daily, with her close(pun intended) friend. He decided to get her a computer and hoped with the magic of the then nascent email, he could save some serious bucks on his phone bill. Alas, that was not to be: The two friends did communicate by email, but ended up talking about what they had emailed on the phone!

Very often, most social gatherings turn into a did-you-watch-this-did-you-watch-that or he-did-this-to-her-on-x-website or she-put-this-photo-on-her-profile conversations. No one denies that they are uninteresting, but it does seem we are making subtle fools of ourselves for talking about stuff twice over.

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