Saturday, April 30, 2011

That time when you hear a song and desperately want to know its name

The first time I heard it was on the college shuttle. It was on low volume and sounded good - just enough to register that tune in my head. Then I heard it on the radio, again, on the shuttle. I wanted to know the name of the song and listen to it again - because the tune was catchy. I strained to listen to the lyrics, but over the noise of the engine and the whirr of the cooling all I heard was 'black and blue'. I thought I heard 'dear' and 'baby', but searches for such lyrics yielded no songs which matched the tune in my head.

As luck would have it I hear the same song playing at an event. I quickly searched for someone to ask and settled on a guy. I asked,

'Excuse me, do you know what song this is?'

'Eh.. Moon or Mars.'

'Moon or Mars.. Ok, thanks, do you know who the artist is, or the full title of the song?'

'Umm.. One second..' 'Grenade... It's Moon or Mars Grenade.'

Strange song/artist, I thought. I kept repeating it in case I forgot.

About half an hour later I am able to get to my laptop. The first thing I did was search for the song. The top result is Bruno Mars' 'Talking to the moon;' I play it, it's nothing like what I heard.

And then, right below, are the links I need, thanks in no small deal to some websites which included 'moon' in the names of their websites: Grenade, by the artist Bruno Mars. In the din of the music I had got the name of the artist when I asked for the song, worse, misheard the artist's name.

That is how I ended up listening to the song I wanted to for quite a while. It's the small victories which bring a smile to your face - nothing substantial has happened, yet, it's one of life's small joys.

Turns out the song is very sad and the music is much more pronounced than on the radio and when played outdoors. I like the tune of the song, the lyrics not so much(because they're not in the mood I am in), which means I had to find a karaoke version.

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