Friday, May 13, 2011

Not perfect, but very endearing: photos of the Royal wedding

Take a look at these two pictures from the Royal wedding of William and Kate:

It's been a while since we had such a universally popular fairytale. Lots of buzz, the wedding gown industry got a mega boost, British fashion is suddenly hip and the paparazzi have new targets. It was a grand event, but with a lot of fun.

It was the above two photos which caught my eye, though, for being well, awkward. They aren't 'picture perfect' for a wedding album, what with photoshop and very basic editing tools available.

In the first, it's Prince William's goddaughter Grace van Cutsem covering her ears because of the noise of RAF planes flying overhead, just as the bride and groom are kissing. In many ways, the photo op was 'spoilt' by a distracting Grace, but it only makes it all the more down-to-earth and tells you, 'Hey, they're normal humans too!' Years from now you can look at the pictures and smile remembering 'That girl who didn't care a bit about the world's most famous couple kissing and was more bothered by the noise of it all'.

To be fair to the photographers, there was no way to exclude Grace from the picture(although it was the second time that they kissed) - the kiss was for mere seconds, far away on a balcony, so they had to shoot what they could. Even then it was up to editors to leave her out from the famous kiss, but a few chose to leave her in. It speaks volumes, that they want to keep the 'adorable' part in that photo.

Now on to the second, which is even more fascinating. It's the official photograph, released by the Palace, of the newly-weds with their attendants. Again, it's not all so 'perfect' - Grace is looking beyond the camera, the first boy from the right strikes his own majestic pose with hair standing up and most wavering of all, is the other boy who's decided to showcase his Ministry of Silly Poses pose for the official wedding photo. It's not my point to blame to kids, but rather to ponder over the decision of the photographer and editor to select this picture over many others as the right one.

Obviously, they've let the kids be kids and actually managed to capture that in the photos. No doubt well-behaved, they did make faces and just have plain fun at some relatives' wedding. I just cannot imagine any other wedding photographer having the courage to select these two photos to pass, lest he bring upon the wrath of the person who's paying him for 'such stupid photos'. There have been dozens of incidents where subjects have wanted retakes because their hair was bad or their pose wasn't good. But this is the most famous wedding in the world. And they chose their wedding photos to not be perfect.

I too have had some success in capturing my friends in their 'natural environment', much to their chagrin, that is - they wait around waiting for me to take a picture while I've taken a dozen of them simply chatting and being themselves. The royal pictures are a sort of redemption.

Without a doubt, it will bring a smile to anyone who looks at these pictures in the future. It was some elders' wedding, the kids were just enjoying the spotlight.

Oh, and, about the wedding, just one word: Philippa. Damn.

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