Friday, July 18, 2014

The rain is what I miss the most about India

It sure rains in Belgium - don't get me wrong on that - but it hardly ever rains like in India. Indian rains are usually thunderstorms with the showpiece being the light and sound display and rain being the sideshow. Comparatively, there are hardly any thunderstorms in Belgium - maybe one or two a year. Most rains are just water falling from grey skies; heavy rains are not that common too, probably a fourth will get you drenched. The rest are boring mists of rain, which just ensure you will be just a little wet but doesn't really demand a rain jacket.

Those flashes of light lighting up the night sky letting you see all around you for that fraction of a second in white light followed by claps of thunder making the window panes dance and the rooms filled with reverberations for a few seconds - I really miss them.

As I'm writing this I suspect there's a thunderstorm sneaking up on this town and its festivals - it wasn't on the forecast. Rain or not, the lightning is sure reminding me of the rains of India.

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