Wednesday, May 16, 2007

College life... Some things about them...

Some things I will miss about college...

-frowning at those who came late to class

-playing NFS UG2 at the middle of the night full volume

-listening to songs full bass on Krishna's 2.1 speakers at 2 am

-reading the paper at 6.30 am and dozing off to catch a few more winks

-those nighouts in octa

-the gaming frenzy that once affected Pearlites

-Emerald-Pearl AOE matches

-those laughter sessions in coordi's room

-movies in eee audi

-the warm weather of Trichy

-cursing the printer guy while waiting for a printout

-the long queues in first and second years in the mess

-the good ol' days of volleyball

-banging on Manju's door for a solid 5 min trying to wake him up

-standing in a queue at the ATM