Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mirror mirror who do you see

While rearranging at home, we had to move a dressing mirror(tall one) outside, where the dogs happened to find it.

The Dachshund is ferocious by nature, while the G. Shepherd is semi-mellow. The difference with which they approached the mirror is a telling lesson in how we perceive others and how they reciprocate to us.

The Dachshund, sighting another dog in the mirror, immediately started growling and then barking. Luckily I was carrying it, else it may have charged the mirror.

On the other hand, the G. Shepherd went to the mirror tail wagging - bumping into it whilst trying to sniff, obviously not expecting the dog in the mirror to move as fast as it was.

Then it struck me: isn't this how we end up viewing others? Unbeknownst to us, people are sizing us up, with little help, based on our doing. Our actions may not seem much to us: a kind gesture here, a swift rebuke there, an innocuous tease - but they may be a lot to others. If one has a frown with an authoritative voice, like the Dachshund, there is no reason for others to speak to us softly or kindly.

While, like the G. Shepherd, smile, and the world smiles with you.

'Dams remove power from the water'

My physics teacher once narrated a tale of how politicians were misleading villagers by telling them 'remove power from the water', hence crops would not grow properly.

The politician was supposedly referring to the electricity generated upstream, hence 'power removed', there would be 'lesser power' left for the crops to grow.

So, my teacher said, villagers must be given proper information about dams and how generating electricity does not remove any actual 'power' from the water, and that scrupulous politicians were using the situation to rail against the dam.

However, in my opinion, the politicians were inadvertently right, and my teacher was wrong: putting up dams does actually remove 'power' or 'punch' from the water - silt and hence nutrients are held back - which could lead to lower crop yield. I have no idea which dam he was talking about and dams have varied locations and maintenance; so silt accumulation may or may not be a major problem, but in many dams this has been a problem(wiki, Aswan dam, 1, 2, KRS Mysore, Mettur dam).

To sum up, politician makes a seemingly inaccurate statement to further his goals; they could be ultimately true albeit in a different sense.