Monday, July 16, 2007

'Kadhal' and my Bihari friend

We were in our final days in college and were casually chatting about this and that and came over to movies. Deep Bhushan, a Bihari, said he watched 'Kadhal' on his way back from Bangalore in a bus. He correctly recalled that it was about a bike mechanic who loves a girl from a very rich family. He was all accolades for the film, saying it was very nice, music was very good and had a very happy ending. Happy ending? We were astonished, because the film has anything but a happy ending. It turns out, that like all films shown on buses, they rarely show the entire film, and Deep had seen or rather had been shown only till when the hero and heroine get married and move to a new house.... The rest of us had a good laugh and told him that the two were later separated and that the hero loses control over himself. Deep was like "Oh, is it.........."

Music wins the day, but singer gets the credit

I find it very, very odd, that in albums, when a particular one becomes a hit, it is the singer who gets all the credit, when actually the accolades should go to the music composer. Of course, the singer gives life to the music, but almost no credit is given to the composer always..... No wonder then, that all the albums of that singer, which may be under other composers, do not go on to become major hits... Celine Dion is an example. Titanic was a phenomenon, her later albums, as far as I know, were not as great. And now we hardly come across her...