Friday, October 26, 2007

The bulbs are fusing out.... is there a ghost in the house?

First, the two incandescent bulbs in the common kitchen went out. As we were wondering how to fix them, Sriram, luckily had about 4 already, 'not mine' he said. Who cares, atleast we get some the bulbs. So I fixed them up.

Then, one bulb in my room fused out. I didn't actually notice it, but something told me everytime I entered the room that the lighting was different. It was then that I saw that only one was glowing. Yesterday, I flicked the switch up, and, with a tiny flash, the remaining bulb fused out. Great, I thought. There was one remaining bulb of Sriram's. I took it out(saw that the price was $.99 for 4, which is ok, compared to India prices), went to my room, stood on an old newspaper spread on a chair, struggled to screw the bulb out, and began to really struggle putting the new bulb in. I screwed, and screwed, and screwed(that's not funny). The problem was compounded by the fact that the chair wasn't tall enough to look over the shade attached to the bulbs. So I climbed on to the table, with the old newspaper protecting it from my big boots of course, and with the extra inch of sight, was able to screw the bulb in. I got down, crumpled the newspaper, threw it into my dustbin(I have improvised a cereals box into my dustbin), and with an air of pride flicked the switch back up. Nothing happened. I tried again. Nothing.

What I had done was I had screwed the fused bulb back, with the new one lying on my table. Gosh, I have to climb onto the table again. So there I was, back on the table screwing(yeah, screwing). And this time it was a success.