Friday, November 30, 2007

I've forgotten the flick for off and on

Call it tension, forgetfulness, nerd-ness, anything, I've actually forgotten which way to flick a switch to put it off and on. Some of you brainy chaps will tell me to check for when the bulb glows - but I faced the problem when I was fixing a fused bulb, and ended up putting in the bulb when the current supply was active. Nothing happened though. Of course, this is the land of the up-side downs, a place called 'America'.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The (in)convinience of time zones

It is Shravan's b'day, today, but technically speaking it's not yet his birthday, because even though I may be writing this blog on his birthday, he himself hasn't reached his birthday as yet.

To make things simpler, I am in Akron, I am writing this blog at 12. 45 am, but it is still 11.45 pm the previous day in Austin, TX. What makes things even funnier is that since it is already late morning in India, his friends have started scrapping him wishing him so. I don't think they actually realise that they are wishing him the day before.

Another of the fantastic things about USA is the time zones. I am in today, but my friend (Meta Subbu) in Golden, Colorado is still way back in time.. So when I call him, he says, "Yeah, its still not yet time.. Its only 11.2o isn't it", referring to the time in Austin, when his watch shows only 10.30 pm. Wow.