Friday, March 28, 2008

I love...

I love when it rains a lot. Especially when it pours. There's nothing which enlightens you better than the smell of the earth drenched with rain after a hot day

I love it when it snows real hard. I love walking through the calf-deep snow, plodding your feet. If you want to imagine what it seems to stomp your way, recollect images of Rocky training in Siberia, in Rocky 4.

I love the summer dog days, when all there is during the day is sun, sun, sun. I love it either in the hills where the cool sunshine brightly lights up all that is around, with the occasional breeze albeit of lower density - or in the plains where it gets all sultry leaving you feeling like in heaven when coming back home after playing or roaming around mid-day. To experience this, you have to be in India. There's nothing like the Indian summer. You like it too? I have a community in Orkut, I'm the only member though.

I hate it when I have to switch on the lights prematurely because of cloud cover/dark clouds. It gives an eerie feeling, caught in two minds, because it isn't yet time for the lights yet its darker than usual.

I hate it, in the summer time when the indoor temperature is something like 20 deg C lower, because of the air conditioning. Especially some buildings in America, where you have to wear a jacket inside the building during summer. That is one of the worst things ever, feeling cold when all you wanted was to feel cool. It is ironical to come out of a building and be relieved to be back in the warm air again. The textile showrooms, in particular, advertise a chilly temperature to attract crowds, who do turn out to beat the heat. Count me out. I'm not game.

I hate it when the weather is in two minds. It should either be too cold, freezing, or should be real warm. Anything like 12-15 deg C is uncomfortable because its just not possible to wear proper clothes.

I don't like it when it half-drizzles, not being able use an umbrella or put it away.

I love it when it's cold at night, but you have a real cozy room and a cozy blanket.. the same feeling when you feel lazy to get up on a cold morning.

Mother Nature, I love you.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Minesweeper is trying to convey something

Almost all of us reading this would have experienced Minesweeper, the game which comes free with the Windows operating system.

What makes me ponder hard and reason for lengthy periods of time is that no matter where you click, your first square will not be a mine. You may argue that it is obviously designed: a mine on a first click will make you less interested in the game. But, isn't it a strange outlook in life? Every time you play Minesweeper, you are always given a chance to prove yourself on the first try - shouldn't life also be like that? For your first try you should be forgiven; the latter steps shall determine if you have learnt from that first step - very much like Minesweeper.

From a game design point of view it means that the outlay of the mines on the field is undetermined till your first click, but life can't be like that, swaying to your fancies.

Your first 'click'... Always reprieved, no matter how bad a guess it may be..... Minesweeper is conveying a thought provoking message....

Saturday, March 1, 2008

What you get when you come to America.... Not a culture shock, but a...

Quote by Sunil, B'lore, Mech:

"When you go to an American university, you don't get a culture shock, you get a GULTI shock"
Unless you are Gulti yourself, that is